Fall 2014- Spring 2015 Class Schedule

Our classes go month to month. With that being said, when you enroll we assume you are going to be with
us until our classes end in May. If you aren't wanting to continue until May, you must let us know before the next
month starts (by filling out a brown drop card). This also means that tuition is due the first class of every month.

All classes are 50 min unless other wise listed.
Time (Age) Level

*** Classes start the TUE after Labor Day ***

We do require your $30 insurance fee ahead of time when enrolling. This is non-refundable.
This is what secures your child's spot in the class. We ask to receive it within one week of enrolling your child.
You must enroll over the phone, by email or stopping by.
Please do not show up the first day of class hoping to get enrolled.


(first class is Sept 8th)
9:30am (3-4)
10:30am (4-6) Beginner +

5:00pm (5-7) Advanced Beginner
5:20pm-6:20pm (6-9) Advanced- Invite Only
6:00pm (6-9) Advanced Beginner
6:30pm (4-6) Advanved Beginner
7:00pm (7-12) Beginner
7:30pm (7-12) Advanced

(first class is Sep 2nd)
5:00pm-7:00pm 2hr Advanced- Invite Only
5:30pm (4-6) Beginner +
6:30pm (2-3) Parent Tot
7:15pm (7-12) Beginner +
7:15pm (7-12) Advanced Beginner

(first class is Sep 3rd)
9:30am (4-6) Beginner
10:30am (3-4)

5:00pm (5-7) Advanced Beginner
5:30pm (4-6) Beginner
6:00pm (3-4)
6:30pm (5-7) Beginner
7:00pm (6-9) Beginner

(first class is Sep 4th)
10:00am (2-3) Parent Tot
11:00am (3-4)
12:30pm (4-6) Advanced Beginner
1:30pm (4-6) Beginner

5:00pm (3-4)
5:30pm (7-12) Advanced Beginner
6:00pm (4-6) Beginner
6:30pm (5-7) Beginner +
7:00pm (6-9) Beginner +

*Classes are subject to change at anytime.
There must be 4 or more children enrolled in a class for the class to open.

Beginner (+) = Students past the beginner level, that have recently taken gymnastics

Please call or email to enroll your child(ren)
913 829 3006
E-mail debbie@debbiehowardsgym.com

Also please don't hesitate to call or email if you have any questions!

Print this enrollment form and bring it with you on your FIRST day of class!

Print this insurance form, fill it out and bring it with you your FIRST day of class!

Summer 2014 Gymnastics Class Schedule

 8 week Summer Classes
(all of June & July)

Classes start Monday, June 2nd 
and end on Thursday, July 31st

We are closed for all classes the week of
Monday, June 30th

All classes are 50 minutes unless listed otherwise
Time (age) level

(first class is June 2nd, last class is July 28th)
10:30am (3-4) FULL
11:30am (4-6) Beginner

6:00pm (6-9) Advanced Beginner
6:30pm (4-6) Advanced Beginner/ Beg +
7:00pm (7-11) Beginner
7:30pm – 8:30pm (7-11) Advanced

(first class is June 3rd, last class is July 29th)
5:00-7:00pm 2 hour Advanced invitation only
6:30pm (2-3) Parent Tot FULL
7:15pm (7-11) Advanced Beginner
7:15pm (6-9) Beginner

(first class is June 4th, last class is July 30th)
9:30am (6-9) Beginner
10:00am (4-6) Beginner FULL
10:30am-11:30am (6-9) Advanced
11:00am (5-7) Beginner + FULL
11:40am (5-7) Advanced Beginner

6:15pm (3-4) FULL

(first class is June 5th, last class is July 31st)
11:00am (3-4)

5:00pm (3-4)
6:00pm (4-6) Beginner



We try to our best to put the children’s age or level first,
depending on which matches up to best benefit each child.
Once a week classes meet for 50 min.

----> call to enroll 913-829-3006
or email us debbie@debbiehowardsgym.com !
Our address: 655 N Somerset Terr Olathe, KS 66062

*Classes are subject to change at anytime.
*We need 4 students in a class in order for the class to open.


:: What to wear::

We ask that they wear leotards to class (for the girls).
If they don't own a leotard, elastic waste-band shorts with a t-shirt long enough to tuck in or tight enough it doesn't go flying over their head.
Hair pulled back in a tony-tale and we go barefoot.
Boys can wear athletic shorts and a tshirt.


Debbie Howard's Gym Only Accepts Cash or Check
Thank You


-Debbie Howard's Gymnastics-
655 N Somerset Terr
Olathe, KS 66062



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